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Sitex 2010 Temporary and Part-Time Jobs

Sitex 2010

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Please note: Sitex 2010 has ENDED hence the image(s) offers may no longer be valid. For the latest IT Fair event, visit the homepage.

View available full-time / part-time temporary job positions for Singapore's Sitex 2010 .

Sitex 2010 exhibitors are welcome to post their ads here FREE. Please post your e-mail address or contact page where potential job candidates can contact you.

Job seekers, if you are interested in the jobs, contact the company DIRECTLY. Do NOT click the reply link or post here. Post in the Job Seekers page instead.

Please note that NO IDENTITY VERIFICATION is made for the posts below (including Admin's posts). Contact them AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Because the information previously below was severely outdated and may reveal personal information, it has been removed.

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