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Tips You Should Know Before Visiting COMEX 2016

video camera

Should I wait for COMEX 2016 before making a purchase?

Most of the offers are generally cheaper at IT Shows. Singtel/M1/Starhub (and more recently, MyRepublic) broadband offers are also more attractive during such IT Shows. However, recently some of the telcos have been skipping the event and holding their own in-store promotions.

If you are a credit card holder and expect to rack up a big expenditure, you also enjoy special promotions such as sure-win spins and free gifts when you charge all your purchases at COMEX 2016 to your credit card

UPDATE 9 March 2015: With the advent of online shopping malls such as Amazon, Lazada and Qoo10 (many host online popular retailers such as Mega Discount Store, Bizgram, Corbell, Convergent, Dell, ASUS, MSI, Samsung, Microsoft & more), you may discover better or similar offers than at COMEX 2016. Watch for their online sales and coupon codes. Tip, follow to be updated of the latest deals.

How should I prepare for COMEX 2016?

1) Arm yourself with the floor maps of the event

If you are thinking of viewing the entire exhibition booths, it will take very long as well as taxing on your legs. Not to mention, you will also need to brave the crowds

Print the floor maps, highlight the booths you are interested in and check out the offers online

2) Browse the online brochures and narrow down the items you are interested in

Use our handy search facility above to find all products - e.g. notebooks, external storage, monitor, cameras, etc. We've also added a Favourite feature which makes it easy for you to bookmark all the images you are interested in at one page

When is the best day to visit COMEX 2016?

There isn't exactly a best time, as each day has its own pros and cons.

The last few hours of the last day of the event is well known to offer price cuts on many items such as notebooks, digital cameras, monitors and storage devices. However, the major con is that the item you are after may be out of stock. After all, the price cuts are usually on unpopular models. It is also worth a mention that some well known brands were (e.g. Canon) never seen to cut prices on the last day.

But small items such as storage devices and compact digital cameras should usually be available on the last day after price cuts. Hence the general advice is to go for it on the third day where manufacturers would have levelled the prices and free gifts to be competitive with other competitors offering.

If you want to wait till the last day, prepare a list of alternative options to consider in case the item you are after is sold out.

Will (insert item name) be cheaper at COMEX 2016?

It depends. Certain items such as Apple products will never be cheaper as they are price fixed. Singtel/M1/Starhub broadband offers are also more attractive during such IT Shows.

What kind of items will be generally cheaper? Notebooks, Desktop PCs, external storage, digital cameras, printers and more

What should I be careful of when making a purchase?

CHECK and test. These are the two keywords you must remember. When buying any product, open up the box and check and test the product right there. You don't want to make a trip back and deal with the hassle of an exchange.

Check that the product comes with the configuration promised such as RAM, dedicated video card and Windows edition. Note that there are two speeds for hard disks - the 5200rpm and 7200rpm. If you opted for the latter, do make sure it is stated in the receipt to prevent any confusion as there is no way to verify it via the operating system. You may also want to get the warranty period and whether it is on-site/off-site stated in the receipt.

Check for any scratches on the case, lens, dead pixels and damaged free gifts.

Make sure you have received all the free gifts that you are entitled to, unless redemption at a another location is required.

Finally, don't forget to join the event's lucky draw before leaving the venue

Have more tips?

Share them in the comments below!




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