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IT SHOW 2015

IT Show 2009

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IT Show 2009 Promoter Salesmen

Please note: IT Show 2009 has ENDED hence the info in this page may not be accurate. The next IT SHOW is IT SHOW 2015.

If you are a promoter for a booth in the IT Show 2009, feel free to put your contacts here to allow visitors to contact you.

To encourage early submissions, this list is sorted by earliest post first. So if you are a promoter, submit EARLY!

TIP: State your booth number, contact details, category of items you sell (e.g. LCDs, printers, etc). You CAN edit your own posts.

NOTE: If you don't see your posts after you made them, please press SHIFT on your keyboard and hit the Refresh button!

Because the information previously below was severely outdated and may reveal personal information, it has been removed.


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