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Energizer COMEX 2014 Featured Offers

Energizer products will be offered at Sprint-Cass Pte Ltd’s booth at Level 6 Booth 6313

Energizer XP5000 Compact Charger Bundle

Below are some of the featured offers at COMEX 2014

Energizer XP5000 Compact Charger Bundle

Energizer XP5000 Compact Charger Bundle

  • Built-in, retractable charge cable with Micro USB connector
  • Two additional USB ports and charges up to 3-device simultaneously
  • Rechargeable up to 500 times, free tips for life and 2-year international warranty

Normal Price: S$79.90
Comex 2014 Price: S$79.90 with Complimentary Energizer Hightech lightning cable for charging and synchronizing worth S$32

Energizer XP10000 Slim Power Station

Energizer XP10000 Slim Power Station

Smart Power Management with Auto Shut-off Features – Once the product is fully charged, the XP10000 automatically shuts off to conserve power.

Patented XPAL Battery Technology – The XP10000 is powered by XPAL, a patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards for safety, quality and performance. Designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source.

Automatic Voltage Sensing – Using the correct voltage ensures that your portable product will not be damaged. The tolerance is typically around +/- 0.6V. Energizer provides auto voltage-sensing technology, different cable sizes and color coding to ensure safe and proper delivery of the correct voltage to your device.

PowerSafe Technology – While there are many portable chargers today that can provide mobile charging on the go, safety is a sometimes overlooked and yet critical feature. As with all Energizer XP products, the XP10000 integrates a minimum of 12 safety logics into every cell for maximum protection of the battery, device and you, as well as a mathematical circuit control unit with built-in proprietary software to manage temperature, voltage and current continuously. You can enjoy continuing portable power with a peace of mind anywhere you go.

Warranty – Users can register their Energizer XP10000 online and activate the 2-years international warranty. For more information. Please visit:

Normal Price: S$149.90
Comex 2014 Price: S$109.00

Energizer XP18000 External Battery Pack

Energizer XP18000 External Battery Pack

The ultra powerful X18000A Power Bank charges laptops and notebooks. Use it as a power adapter or charge three devices at the same time. . It can support netbooks, tablets, smartphones and many other devices.

  • Powerful – Ultimate capacity battery with 3 output ports for powering smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Safe Charge – Temperature and short circuit protection
  • LED Light Indicator – Smart LED light indicators for easy monitoring of battery and charging status
  • Rechargable – Up to 500 times

Normal Price: S$249.90
Comex 2014 Price: S$169.00

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