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Marbella GPS Navigators Promotions @ COMEX 2013

Marbella GPS products can be found at COMEX 2013 Singapore Expo at the following booths

  • Hall 5 – Main Booth 5511
  • Hall 6 – Sub Booth 6431 (Presented by Newstead)

Marbella Logo

Here are some of their promotions

Latest revolutionary 5inch GPS Navigator + Marbella VR1 Roadcorder™ to enhance driving experience AND a new navigational layout brought to you by GALACTIO!

Featuring at Comex Show 2013, Marbella Geomate 500 5inch GPS Navigator aims to enhance your driving experience, coupled with a FREE Marbella VR1 Roadcorder™ which surveys front traffic conditions with High Definition (HD) video recording.

Comex Show 2013

Marbella will be showcasing our Marbella Geomate series and uNav series at 2 venues – Hall 5, Booth 5511 (Main Booth) & Hall 6, Booth 6431 (Presented by Newstead Technologies) at Singapore Expo from 5 to 8 Sep 2013. Comex Show 2013 is open daily between 12pm – 9pm.

Marbella will be bundling a FREE Marbella VR1 Roadcorder™ (U.P. $99) with every purchase of Marbella Geomate 500 (Comex Show 2013 Pricing $199, U.P. $299), limited to the first 50 customers every unique day.

In addition, Marbella Geomate 400 (Comex Show 2013 Pricing $149.00, U.P.$219) will be bundled with a MaxPower 2600mAh Lipstick Battery (U.P $59), limited to the first 50 customers every unique day.

Introducing the most elite in its class, Marbella uNav (Comex Show 2013 Pricing $269, U.P.$329), the only GPS that comes integrated with a built-in HD camera. Bundled with every purchase of a Marbella uNav is a MaxPower 2600mAh Lipstick Battery (U.P$59), 8GB Class 10 MicroSD Card (U.P. $19.90), and a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (U.P.$59) limited to the first 50 customers every unique day.

With the aim to stay ahead of the technology and meeting the market demand, Marbella is also taking this opportunity to introduce the new Marbella in-car Camera series – Marbella MX5 and MX 6 HD Digital Recorder. Both Marbella MX5 records smooth HD 720p (1080x720p) video while MX6 records a Full HD 1080p (1920x1080p) video in high Clarity HD resolution which is vital to capture the surrounding environment including involved license plates of accident participants.

During this show, Marbella MX5 HD Digital Recorder (Comex Show 2013 Pricing $129.00, U.P.$169) will be bundled with a 8GB Class 10 MicroSD Card (U.P. $19.90), In- Car Splitter (U.P. $32) and Magic Anti-Slip Mat (U.P. $9.90), limited to the first 50 customers every unique day.

Marbella MX6 HD Digital Recorder (Comex Show 2013 Pricing $189.00, U.P. $229) will be bundled with a 8GB Class 10 MicroSD Card (U.P. $19.90), In-Car Splitter (U.P. $32), MaxPower 2600mAh Lipstick Battery (U.P $59), and HDMI cable (U.P. $39), limited to the first 50 customers every unique day.

Most Powerful Compact Navigator – Marbella Geomate Series

Presenting the Marbella Geomate Series, proudly coined as the Most Powerful Compact Navigator. Distinctively powered with the SiRF Atlas V 666MHz processor and equipped with the most technologically advanced navigational features, Geomate Series professes to wield the most powerful processor (666MHz with 128 Dual Core Ram) in its class.

Displayed on a sleek and slim TFT Touch Screen, which is available in both 4.3″ and 5.0″. Geomate Series provides an in-built FM transmitter and multi-media player which allows playing music from the GPS through the car stereo. Additionally, Geomate Series also provides Bluetooth connectivity which facilitates communication with beloved family members and on board AV (Audio Video) functions which allows direct input of Reverse and Car Forward Camera (DVR).

All-In-One Smart Navigator – Marbella uNav with built-in High Definition Road- recorder

Consistently revolutionizing our product lineup in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve today sees another presentation, the Marbella uNav.

Also being dubbed as one of the world’s Smartest Navigators, the uNav packs a Star Atlas V 666MHz processor and is displayed on a sleek and compact 5.0” Wide TFT Touch Screen. Its compact proportions concealing an exceedingly advanced processor (666MHz with Dual Core Ram), the uNav professes to wield the most powerful processor in its class.

In addition to the standard features which include in-built FM transmitter, Multi-media player and on board AV (Audio Video), uNav also comes integrated with its own in-built HD camera, a built-in 1.0-megapixel 720P High Definition Camera.

In the event of an unforeseen accident or mishap due to another party, a vehicle video recorder functions as accurate video evidence if there are no witnesses present, minimizing ambiguity or false accusations and facilitating claims from insurance companies which are usually exhausting and grueling.

Marbella VR1 Roadcorder

Marbella VR1 Roadcorder™ is a digital video camera (for recording audio and video from your vehicle) and can be integrated with our Marbella Geomate series. With high quality 720P HD video recording supporting both day and night time modes, Marbella VR1 Roadcorder™ offers complete insurance and security solutions for our drivers.

New Revolution Navigation Experience – GALACTIO V8.9

Marbella is pleased to announce our software provider – GALACTIO. Partnering with Quantum Inventions (QI) to provide accurate navigation via the latest 3D terrain drawing technology and Reality Junction View, this new software will be available for the entire Marbella Geomate and uNav series.

Galactio V8.9 features the latest Bird’s eye view which will automatically switch into 2D navigation mode when you are approaching a turn. Bird’s eye view will then switch it back to 3D mode automatically after you have completed your turn.

The Only GPS that Brings You around the World for FREE (USP)

We understand the high cost in renting a GPS from a foreign car rental company; therefore we have invested substantially in overseas maps by committing to a large quantity from overseas map licensors. Marbella users are entitled to detailed routable navigational maps in over 70 countries around the world for their traveling needs as part of our value-added services.

Drawing from Marbellas’ unique selling point (USP), Group General Manager of Maka GPS Technologies Group. – Johnny Huang states this value added service was inspired by the expensive GPS rental he paid during his previous overseas trip.

“With these value added services provided by Marbella, we want to provide drivers with a valuable navigational experience that provides accessibility of global maps at an affordable price.”

Lifetime Map Update Support

Users will find a warranty registration reminder card in all Marbella packaging. Upon success registration, your email address will be stored in our CRM system and it sends our user an email with detailed update instructions once there is a map update available.

Maka GPS Technologies will provide lifetime map updates for Marbella users and promises to provide a new map update once every 3 month constantly.

1-to-1 Exchange within the warranty period

We strongly believe that GPS is a staple in daily driving. Defective and faulty electronic components are unpreventable but Maka GPS Technologies will provide an immediate replacement with a brand new unit. This courtesy service will prevent frustration and minimize costs in the event of a breakdown.

24 Hours Call Centre facility in Singapore & Malaysia

As a service oriented company providing free overseas map to travelers around the world, Maka GPS Technologies has set up a dedicated telephone line that operates 24 hours daily with a mission to service our customers who experience usage problems during non-office operating hours or first time users who requires assistance after their purchase.

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