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Prolink PC SHOW 2013 New Product Launches

PROLiNK will officially launch new products to add to its lineup at PC Show 2013 – this includes a new Green laser presenter (model: ), 2 500Mbps Powerline adapters (models: PPL1500P and PPL1500N) and 2 special USB3.0 hubs at PC Show 2013 (Booth 6044, Hall 6, Singapore Expo).


PROLiNK’s new green laser presenter PWP10SG 1s a simple, stylishly designed yet ergonomic presention tool that comes with a strong green laser pointer that shows up well even in brightly lit areas and LED screens. It comes with an extended operating range of 50ft and an LCD display that conveniently displays the wireless signal, battery life and timer.

The best thing about the PWP105G is that it comes with a long battery life of 60 hours of continuous usage (1 hour for continuous green laser pointer usage) once the battery is fully charged. The presentation controls are placed intuitively to suit your natural hand / finger movements and there’s also a convenient built-in storage for your receiver.

Besides the presenter, PROLiNK will also showcase its new USB3.0 hubs PUH301 and PUH302. Built differently from regular USB3.0 hubs, the power efficient models allow the user to connect up to 4 power hungry portable HDDs of capacities up to 2TB each* just via USB support without having to connect the hub to an external power adapter.


The hubs offer fast USB3.0 transfer rates of up to 5Gbps, and come in 2 different sizes and designs to suit each user’s requirements.

PROLiNK will also be officially launching in its 500Mbps Powerline series at the PC Show 2013. Powerline adapters are usually used to extend wireless signals to rooms/ areas in an office or a home with weak wireless connectivity.


2 models will be showcased – a Pass-through model with a Gigabit LAN port (model: PPL1500P), and a Wireless-N Extender with dual LAN ports (model: PPL1501N) for the convenience of its customers. The powerline models have gone through stringent quality testing and both types are extremely easy to setup and pair. They also come with an automatic power saving function.

At the PC Show 2013, PROLiNK will be having full demo displays of its new products as well as its new gaming and portable speaker models.

There will also be special discounts and freebies available at the booth, exclusively available only to customers who purchase PROLiNK products at the PC Show 2013. (Actual Details TBC)

All the above new items will be available for pre-orders or purchase at the PROLiNK PC Show booth no: 6044 at the back of Hall 6, Singapore Expo only from 6-9 June 2013.

Model Description Usual
PC Show Launch Special
PWP105G 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter with Green Laser $109.00 $99.00
PUH301 USB 3.0 4-Port Super Speed Mini Hub 5Gbps $45.90 $35.90
PUH302 USB 3.0 4-Port Super Speed Hub 5Gbps $39.90 $30.90
PPL1500P 500Mbps Powerline w/ AC Pass Through/ Gigabit LAN Port $65.00 $55.00
PPL1501N 500Mbps Powerline w/ 300Mbps Wireless-N AP/ Dual LAN Ports $85.00 $69.00

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