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Microsoft’s Search Engine Optimization & Marketing 101 Guide

Rick DeJarnette at Microsoft Bing Webmaster Blog recently published a 5 part article on search engine optimization and marketing techniques. There is just one point that can be questionable.

Absolute Linking vs Relative Linking

search engine marketing

search engine marketing

In the series at Part 3, Rick DeJarnette says that sites should always use absolute linking (specifying the full domain in the href attribute) rather than relative linking (specifying only the path). The argument was that content stealers would be lazy to edit the absolute links to point back to the original site and hence the originating site enjoys some sort of page ranking juice from there. Good point, we have this problem with many of our pages as well – for example, our Bittorrent Guide.

Later on, in the same page, he talks about link spam and that links from sites known to be link farms can cause damage to your site’s ranking. Usually sites who copy your content are link farms and hence with absolutely links, essentially link back to the originating sites as well.

So there goes, relative linking is still the way to go for convenience (testing via localhost) as well as for saving bandwidth.

Here are the links to the 5 part series

  1. Part 1
    Starting a Site Review, Site Goals, Webmaster Tools
  2. Part 2
    Keywords, Content, Head Tag, Header tags, Image Alternate tags
  3. Part 3
    File naming conventions, Relative and Absolute linking, Navigation system and Getting Inbound Links
  4. Part 4
    HTTP redirects, canonicalization, valid HTML coding, custom 404 pages and illegal SEO techniques
  5. Part 5
    Duplicate content via HTTPS, Robots Exclusion Protocol, Sitemap, Page load times, Web Hosting location

Feel free to share if you have other opinions

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