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Protag COMEX 2014 Featured Offers

Protag products will be offered at two booths – EpiCentre and Sprint-Cass at COMEX 2014

Duet by PROTAG

Below are some of the featured offers

duet by PROTAG

Duet by PROTAG

Tiny New Bluetooth Device Keeps Track of Your Smartphone and other valuables

Duet is a small (2.8cm x 2.8cm) tag that attaches to your keychain, bag, wallet or slips into your pocket. It works with both iOS and Android operating systems. Your Duet looks out for your smartphone — and vice versa — and you are notified immediately by Duet’s built-in alarm if you have left your smartphone behind (within a 10 meter range). In enclosed areas such as your house or office, you can also press a button on Duet to ring your phone, allowing you to hear and find it quickly.

And, it works both ways — thanks to an app from PROTAG, the Duet serves as a two-way protection system, monitoring the distance your Duet gets from you as well: If the Duet goes beyond a range of 10 meters from the phone that’s with you, the phone will sound a notification that the Duet is missing. You can track up to ten Duets from one Android phone or iPhone. This can really come in handy if your Duet is attached to your keychain!

Normal Price: S$49.90
Comex 2014 Price: S$39

duet by PROTAG in Black will be exclusively sold at EpiCentre Level 4 Booth 8101A only.


  • Smart Alerts
    • Hate getting unnecessary alerts at home when you leave your wallet on the desk and go to your kitchen for a snack? Elite is smart; it knows when you are in your WIFI safe zone and you will not be disturbed by alerts. On the other hand, Elite will remind you that you left your valuables behind when you leave the safe zone, ensuring you never have to make that return trip to collect that forgotten something.
  • Smart Locator
    • Had a busy day and can’t remember where you lost your things? The PROTAG App records the last known time and location of the lost item. This way, you can easily retrace your steps to where you lost it. The app will also update this information onto your PROTAG Trace so that it is accessible online.
  • Smart Radar
    • Don’t you wish there was a quicker way to find your luggage on the airport’s baggage belt? Switch on Elite’s radar and get alerted when your luggage arrives. If you need more help finding it in the chaos, the radar will scan an area of 100 feet (30 metres) to pinpoint its location, ensuring that you find your luggage as quickly as possible.
  • Multiple Pairing
    • Have to keep track of multiple belongings at the same time? Our PROTAG App can connect up to 10 Elite units to a single phone.
  • Protag Trace Online System
    • Trace organizes all your PROTAG devices and mobile phones on one page. It provides extensive tracking capabilities for both valuables and mobile phones through crowd tracking and mobile security.

Normal Price: S$59.90
Comex 2014 Price: S$49.00

Available at

  • EpiCentre – Level 4 Booth 8101A
  • Sprint-Cass – Level 6 Booth 6313

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