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Protag, Powerskin, Nakamichi & Energizer PC SHOW 2013 Hot Deals

Here are some highlights for some Protag, Powerskin, Nakamichi and Energizer products going at special offers at PC SHOW 2013

They can be found at Sprint-Cass Pte Ltd booth, located at Hall 5, Booth 5025

Nakamichi “My Mini Plus”


  • Built-in lithium battery chargeable via USB;
  • 3.5mm earphone jack;
  • USB line-in for your music device (mobile phone/MP3 player);
  • Plays MP3 music with MicroSD card;
  • Individual media control keys;
  • On/Off key for better power management.
  • FM Radio
  • Tiny and portable device weighing 139g and delivers exceptional sound quality for non-stop music experience


  • Normal Price (Inclusive of GST) S$69.90
  • PC Show 2013 (Inclusive of GST) S$59.00

Nakamichi NBS2 Bluetooth Speaker

Nakamichi NBS2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Dimensions: 6cm (dia.) X 5.7cm (h);
  • Convenient Cylindrical Design;
  • Bluetooth V.21 + EDR (A2DP) Standard;
  • Built-in microphone for ease of Pairing and Wireless Communication;
  • Line-in for music device (mobile phone/MP3 player);
  • Built-in lithium battery chargeable via USB;
  • Built-in FM radio tuner;
  • MicroSD slot for audio playback via MicroSD/TF cards;
  • Supports MP3 Music Playback;
  • Charge Time: 2 hours approximately;
  • Playback Time: 4 hours approximately.

Bluetooth® for Wireless Audio

The Bluetooth pairing allows you to pair with your mobile phone or Bluetooth-capable music player, wirelessly offering telephony and audio playback, with an intelligent audio prompt that alerts you when the speaker is paired, when it is connected, disconnected, or low in battery.

MicroSD and Built-in FM Tuner for Music on the go

The Nakamichi NBS2 has a MicroSD slot that you can load a tiny MicroSD full of your favorite songs or audiobooks, and play them back anywhere, even without a portable music player or smartphone around. And when you like to listen to the news or a radio program, just switch on the built-in FM radio tuner in the NBS2 anytime. The world of music and audio is completely in your hands.

Diminutive Conference Call Gadget

The Nakamichi NBS2 is arguably the best portable conference call gadget for executives and salespeople. The NBS2 has a built-in microphone that supports phone calls, and can be used for audio-conferencing and mobile sales presentations, either by a wired USB connection to your laptop, or wirelessly by Bluetooth to your laptop or phone.

This is the perfect give for everyone, be it music lovers that wants a portable and high-quality Bluetooth speakers, travellers or working personnel that requires a hassle-free wireless Bluetooth speakers for video-conferencing or presentations. The Nakamichi NBS2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Sliver, and Red


  • Normal Price (Inclusive of GST) S$129.00
  • PC Show 2013 (Inclusive of GST) S$89.00

Energizer XP3000

Energizer XP3000

  • Charges mobile phones, MP3 player, gaming and many more
  • Rechargeable over 500 times
  • Smart LED Displays Battery Life
  • Built-in short circuit that prevents over-charge and temperature protection
  • LED Charge Status Indicator
  • Built-in PC Board and Propritary Software
  • Built-in charging cable (MicroUSB / Apple Lightning) for hassle-free charging
  • Exclusive Battery Cell Activation Guarantee and Power Tips for Life Guarantee


MicroUSB Apple Lightning
Normal Price (Inclusive of GST) S$59.90 S$69.90
PC Show 2013 (Inclusive of GST) S$49.00 S$59.00

FREE Energizer suction pack to hold charger and device

XPAL PowerSkin Hybrid MicroUSB / iPhone 5 Portable Charger

XPAL PowerSkin Hybrid

  • Slim 2000 mAh battery in a10mm-thin case
  • Sleek, high-gloss durable finish
  • Featherweight of 86 grams
  • Tough ABS & plastic hard-shell casing
  • Heat-injected soft rubber suction cups
  • Micro-USB charging cable included
  • Flex Tip Connector bends up to 90 degrees to accommodate most cases
  • Suction cups attach charger to most phones AND cases
  • Interchangeable connector supports charging for different device needs (Micro-USB and Apple Lightning)
  • Offers comfortable grip for gaming and extended social use
  • Extends power up to 100%, depending on the battery capacity in the device being charged
  • Build-in short circuit that prevents over-charge and temperature protection


  • Normal Price (Inclusive of GST) S$69.90 S$79.90
  • PC Show 2013 (Inclusive of GST) S$59.00 S$69.00

Protag GI

Protag GI

  • World thinness 3mm
  • Pairing up to 7 devices with 1x Protag G1
  • GPS tracking
  • SIM card tracking
  • Battery life up to 6 days
  • USB charge
  • Distance coverage up to 10 metres

Pricing (Normal & Show pricing)

  • Price (normal price): S$59.90 (inclusive of GST)
  • PC Show 2013 Price: S$49.00 (inclusive of GST)

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