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Jabra New Corded Revo & Vox Headphones With Dolby Digital Plus Launching @ IT SHOW 2013

Jabra extends expertise in sound technology, excellent design and every day comfort and durability with the launch of a new high-performance line of corded and wireless stereo headphones featuring Dolby Digital Plus.

Along with Jabra Revo Wireless – the world’s first wireless headphones enhanced with Dolby Digital Plus – are corded headphones Jabra Revo and Jabra Vox for music fans who like the direct connection for enhanced music experience from their mobile devices.

Dolby® Digital Plus virtual surround sound via Jabra Sound App

Tuned for balanced sound performance, Jabra Revo and Jabra Vox are the answer to the myriad of musical tastes and preferences.

Pop and rock enthusiasts can expect to get high- definition sound that is rich and immersive; serious jazz and classical audiophiles can look forward to listening to favourite recordings at elevated levels of clarity, enhanced by Dolby® Digital Plus technology in the new Jabra Sound App for Android and iOS devices.

Engineered for extreme durability and hard-wearing every day “use and abuse”, both Jabra Revo and Jabra Vox stand out for sophisticated design and construction from premium- grade materials such as Synthetic Titanium and Liquid Crystal Polymer.

Leaving no chances, even the tangle-free cables have been tested to withstand a 15 kg pull force! Whatever the user personality, habits and behavioural quirks of using headphones, Jabra Revo and Jabra Vox are built to last, providing richer and fuller sound with extra depth and dimension to music across all genres.

Jabra’s new stereo headphones launches at IT Show 2013 from 7-10 March at Marina Bay Sands, Booth 1329 at special promotional prices with any headphones/earphones trade-in at S$218 for Jabra Revo corded and at S$128 for Jabra Vox.

Outside the IT Show, Jabra Revo corded (RRP S$248) and Jabra Vox (RRP S$148) are available at Stereo Electronics, Apple premium resellers – Epicentre and Nubox, selected Challenger stores and other authorised Jabra premium resellers. The Bluetooth-equipped Jabra Revo Wireless retails at RRP $398.

Jabra Revo corded

For the hardcore music lovers, the Jabra Revo corded headphone is the perfect companion for your music device. Jabra Revo corded elevates the connected lifestyle with optimised sound and convenient features.

Music lovers on the move enjoy extra depth and dimension to their music with renowned Dolby® surround sound while intuitive in-line controls allow users to play or pause music, skip tracks and take calls with ease.

Share Music from the Headphones

Sing along the same tune with your buddy with dual 3.5mm jack connectors, simply plug Jabra Revo’s detachable cord on your preferred side and connect your buddy’s headphone on the other side to share music.

Jabra Revo headphone is solidly constructed using an aluminium frame, steel hinges and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility and features padded headbands and plush, memory foam ear cups for all-day comfort and lifestyle fulfilment.

Key features and specifications:

  • High definition Dolby® Digital Plus via exclusive Jabra Sound App
  • In-line controls for easy and call management, in-built omni directional microphone
  • Life proof – tough, shatterproof and constructed for ultimate portability
    • Extreme tested: Cable (to 15 kg), Bend (10000 times), Fold (3500 times), Drop (from 2m)
    • Premium materials: synthetic titanium headband (lightweight and flexible), steel hinges and aluminium frame
  • Memory foam ear cups and padded headband; Foldable design for quick, compact storage
  • Dual 3.5mm jack connectors for music sharing
  • Speaker frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • 40mm dynamic speakers

Jabra Vox

The Jabra Vox is sculpted to allow maximum space for powerful song and strong bass, optimised for superior sound performance with portable devices. Small but tough, Jabra Vox features square, tangle-free cable reinforced and tested to witstand 15kg of pull force. Unique SnagIt™ magnets allows for easy unwinding while ColorCore EarGels™ in three different sizes ensures perfect fit and comfort for all-day use.

Key features and specifications:

  • High definition Dolby® Digital Plus via exclusive Jabra Sound App
  • Sculpted design based on professional in-ear monitors – provide maximum space for bass
  • Life proof – designed and tested for ultimate durability
    • Premium cables: Square, tangle-free cables reinforced with Liquid Crystal Polymer and SnagIt™ magnets for easy unwinding
    • Tested to withstand 15kg of pull force
  • ColorCore EarGels™ for individual comfort
  • In-line controls for easy music and call management
  • Connects with all devices with a 3.5mm jack connector

Jabra New Music Series:

Jabra debuts its new line of corded and wireless stereo headphones – Jabra Revo Wireless (S$398), Jabra Revo corded (S$248) and Jabra Vox in-ear earphones (S$148) – in Singapore in March 2013.

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