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Throngs of Shoppers Visited SITEX 2012 & Up To 30% Of Exhibitors Renew Booths Onsite

Resounding endorsements on new event segments and with up to 30% of the exhibitors renewing their booths onsite, SITEX is all set for a bigger and better IT & Consumer Electronics show in 2013

SITEX 2012, which is organised by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) and Singex Exhibition Ventures, continues to live up to expectations as the bigger and better IT & Consumer Electronics Show, despite the loom and gloom of a possible recession due to a 0.7% quarter on quarter contraction in gross domestic product (GDP).

Throngs of shoppers continue to fill the aisles at SITEX 2012 in quests of their desired gadgets, much to the delight of the more than 150 exhibitors. Up to 30% of the exhibitors have renewed their booths onsite for SITEX 2013.

Introduction of new event segments in SITEX 2012 receives raving appraisals from exhibitors

For the first time in SITEX, a dedicated one-stop Camera & Digital Media Zone was set up for all shutterbugs’ photography needs, from the latest digital cameras, high quality camera accessories to picking up photography techniques at free workshops. Exhibitors could also make use of the tech runway, a specially set up raised platform to showcase their latest IT gadgets.

Mr Jon Chia, Chief Executive Officer of Red Dot Photo says, “The tech runway was an excellent opportunity for us to build awareness of and to gain exposure for our wide variety of photography accessories; the perfect gifts for any aspiring photographer. Moreover, we could also introduce and better explain our product differentiating functions and features.”

Mr Sky Pang, the spokesperson for Hewlett Packard, agrees, “As Christmas is just round the corner, we wanted to spread the Christmas cheer with our affordable HP EnvyX2 Laptop which doubles up as a tablet, a 2-in-1 concept just like visitors at SITEX looking for their favourite gadgets and also to shop for Christmas gifts for their loved ones.”

Mr Melvin Boh, founder of SGCameraStore appreciates, “Not only did we get to showcase our range of brands, we also seized the chance to use the tech runway to announce the launch of some of our new lifestyle products like cameras and video equipment.”

Also, for the first time in Singapore and in Southeast Asia, 64 of the world’s best gamers gathered at SITEX 2012 to compete in popular online games League of Legends and StarCraft II over a 4-day tournament at Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Singapore.

Mr George Woo, IEM’s Marketing Manager says, “I must say that I am very satisfied with the overall turnout that IEM enjoyed at SITEX, who has been a fabulous host and a strong partner of Intel.”

“Having invested heavily in this tournament, I am elated to achieve a high ROI (return on investment) through a fantastic turnout of audience; all the seats were filled and hordes of people could be seen standing around just to watch the world’s best gamers in action. In short, the atmosphere here was simply electrifying. This certainly paves the way for a potential growth of the online gaming community right here in Singapore. SITEX would be our obvious choice of collaboration if IEM were to come to Singapore again.”

Not resting on its laurels, Mr Chandran Nair, General Manager (Corporate & Special Projects) says, “The number of consumers coming over the weekend is evident proof of a huge demand for IT products at SITEX, especially with the launch of Win8 products, despite the possibility of a less than positive economy. Overall, we are pleased and satisfied with the visitor turnout which is up to our expectations.”

“Moving forward, we would continue to differentiate SITEX from the other similar IT shows with the introductions of more interesting segments to engage our visitors and also to create a more fulfilling consumer experience for the entire family, i.e. parents could shop for the latest IT gadgets at SITEX with their hearts at ease, knowing that their children have something interesting and meaningful to keep them engaged and occupied within the event halls.”

“With the encouraging response to this year’s SITEX event, we have received reservations and bookings from exhibitors for next year’s show. This is certainly great news for us.”

With plans for more interesting segments to be included, SITEX promises to be bigger and better than ever. Visitors can look forward in anticipation for the next edition in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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