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Jabra Star Promotions @ PC SHOW 2012

Find your special hands-free style for music/talk with Jabra at PC SHOW 2012. From lightweight entry-level headsets with intuitive controls to award-winning top-line headsets and car speakerphones, Jabra has hands-free solutions to suit every mobile lifestyle at PC Show 2012

Enhance the way you work and communicate with Jabra’s range of headsets and in-car speakerphones known for their stylish designs and advanced technologies. Whether you’re a Bluetooth newbie or a tech aficionado, Jabra combines exceptional audio quality, award-winning designs, intuitive ease-of-use and wearability to suit your business and lifestyle needs.

For Singapore’s PC Show 2012 specials, Jabra presents the latest and best-selling headsets and in-car speakerphones: Jabra EASYCALL, Jabra SUPREME, Jabra FREEWAY and Jabra CLIPPER with new colours, at Booths 312, 315 & A2022, Suntec Singapore, 7 – 10 June.


Take business calls fast and easily with the latest Jabra mono headset, Jabra EASYCALL. Designed to be the most easy-to-use, intuitive wireless device for first time Bluetooth users, Jabra EASYCALL works straight out of the box without you having to worry about configuration options.


Lightweight at a mere 8 grams and discreet in slim, sophisticated matte black finish and EASYCALL accommodates easy-to-locate answer/end call button for an effortless hands-free experience. DSP technology reduces echo so your caller hears you clearly while Automatic Volume Adjustment ensures strain-free conversations while stepping out of the car and into a bustling street. EASYCALL also features Multiuse™ technology so you can to keep tabs on your phone calls and emails on your smartphone while streaming music from your tablet.

Usual Price: S$88
PC SHOW Special: S$75 (with limited-edition Jabra premiums)


International red dot design award winner, Jabra SUPREME packs advanced noise-cancelling technologies to deliver exceptional audio quality. In addition to Noise Blackout™ 3.0 and Wind-Noise Reduction technology, Jabra SUPREME is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology. ANC uses a dedicated microphone and electronic chipset to generate “anti-noise” sound to cut out the noise around you.

This way, your listening ear can hears better from your caller. With Voice Guidance and Voice Control features, you can easily activate phone functions through voice commands – so your hands are always free for whatever you need to do. Its patented flip-boom arm also acts as the on/off function. Just flip the solid boom in to close and power-off.

Usual Price: S$198
PC SHOW Special: S$169 (FREE Powerocks Tarot portable charger & exclusive Jabra premiums)

Jabra Freeway – Award-winning Jabra FREEWAY boasts outstanding audio output with its industry-first three-speaker system and virtual surround sound. Dual microphone system reduces road, wind and other background noise for clear conversations on the road. Caller ID voice announcements tells you who is calling or announces in-coming call number while voice activation feature allows you to make or receive calls with simple voice commands so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on steering wheel without having to miss a single critical call.

Usual Price: S$198
PC SHOW Special: S$169 (with exclusive Jabra premiums)

Jabra CLIPPER in new summer colours

Jabra marries hands-free technology with style with new, Scandinavian summer colours of Tangerine Tango, Turquoise, New Pink and White. Unveiled for the first time at PC Show, 7 June, Bluetooth fans can now mix and match mobile music and talk with even greater style and flair.

jabra clipper

Jabra CLIPPER –Best-selling “Clip & Go” Bluetooth stereo headset, the CLIPPER offers greater colour variety with all the right shades so users can turn up the heat on their active mobile lifestyle. Jabra CLIPPER is also US Military grade rain-and-shock resistant and pairs up effortlessly with your smartphone and iPod, making it the ideal companion for many activities. It comes with standard 3.5mm audio jack and in-built microphone so you can always team it up with your favourite headphones (or earphones) to suit your personal style of the day.

Usual Price: S$78
PC SHOW Special: S$65 (with exclusive Jabra premiums)

Jabra PC SHOW 2012 flyers are now available! Get the latest PC SHOW 2012 flyers, pricelists and other info at

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