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Palladine Technology To Unveil PLE T-Series Multimedia LED TV @ PC Show 2011

SINGAPORE (25 May 2011) – Palladine Technology Pte Ltd, a producer of Digital display TV, today announced the debut of the new Palladine PLE T-Series Multimedia LED TV with built-in HD USB Media Player for playback high definition/resolution multimedia files.

Watch your favorite TV program or Blu-ray video, connect your notebook, play your favorite console games, or plug in your thumb drive to share your HD video, Photos and Music with your family and friends, the PLE T-Series does it all for a multimedia TV.

Palladine PLE T-Series Multimedia LED TV

Integrated with the latest in LED back lighted Flat Panel Display, Palladine PLE T-Series of LED TV is made with the environment in mind. Using LED Backlight as compare to fluorescent lighting use in LCD TV, Palladine PLE T-Series LED TV save the use of electricity consumption up to 50%. Further LED Backlight TV uses no mercury for lesser environmental pollution on disposal.

Designed with the latest Video Scaling Chipset from M-Star, the Palladine PLE T-Series LED TV is both a high definition television and function also as a high resolution WUXGA PC Monitor. Connect via the HDMI or VGA D-Sub Input, the Palladine PLE T-Series supports high resolution PC RGB actual resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

With the PLE T-Series, user also can save on buying a HD Media Player as the PLE T-Series has a built-in HD USB Media Player that can play high definition 720p video files. Supporting most Video Format, just plug in any USB Thumb Drive, you can enjoy hours of Video downloaded on Palladine PLE T-Series. You can also view high resolution photo/picture or playback your audio/music file with the built-in media player.

Elegantly designed in an ultra thin black-coated casing with red tone to suit most designer interior decoration, the PLE T-Series is a multimedia TV with multiple interface for Blu-Ray Player, HD Set Top Box and even a coaxial audio or AV output for you to connect and playback high quality audio to any external audio device/mini audio systems/Hi-Fi.

The PLE T-Series will be showcase at the coming PC Show 2011 and will launch the first two size which is the PLE2400T, a Full HD 24″ LED TV and PLE1930T, a HD Ready 1080p 19″ LED TV targeted as a second TV for the home or commercial requirement like hotels, information display and etc. The PLE2400T and PLE1930T will be retailing at $338 and $219 respectively but at PC Show there will be an Introductory Show Price at $299 and $199 respectively.

[ About Palladine Technology ]

Part of the Palladine Technology Group, Palladine Technology Pte Ltd established in Singapore since 2002 primarily focus is on the development and manufacturing using the latest LED/LCD Display screen display for the next generation of high definition video products for both the consumer and commercial application at an affordable price. With its 3 x assembly line in Singapore with capacity to produce up to 6,000 TV a month in one shift, Palladine also provide OEM/ODM services for their own brand TV/display or integration into appliances like Multimedia Refrigerator, Multimedia Cooker hoods and others.

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