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Neverwinter Nights Diamond Download Now Available

[Update 4th Nov 2010]: Whaddaya know! Icewind Dale II is also now available for download at GOG! As well as Baldur’s Gate I: The Original Saga.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition is now legally available for download. The game received review scores of 90% upwards when it was released.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition

The download includes three manuals totaling 212 pages, 16 HD wallpapers, in-game soundtrack, 28 avatars, 77 artworks, a game map and a premium module re-installer.

With the Diamond Edition, it further includes three official expansion packs: Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker.

Experience one of the most popular role-playing adventures of our time, a journey that has thrilled millions. Inhabit dreamlike worlds of myth and mystery. Boundless lands of deadly creatures, foreboding omens and bold heroism.

This game puts you at the center of an epic tale of faith, war and betrayal, all the while staying true to the pen-and-paper role-playing tradition.
Neverwinter Nights – A world without limits!

Download the full 2.1GB installer right now for only $9.99 right from GOG.

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