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When is the Next PC IT Show in Singapore?

UPDATE: Sitex 2010 Price List download

The upcoming IT show in Singapore is coming up in November 2010 and this time, it will be held at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Sitex 2010

Sitex 2010

It is none other than Sitex 2010. As with other IT Shows, Sitex 2010 will be held from Thursday, 25th November to Sunday, 28th November 2010.

Take note, the location is at Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. Unlike past shows for this year where it was held at Suntec, Sitex 2010 is held at Expo.

Sitex 2010 will occupy three halls, specifically, halls 4, 5 and 6. It also starts earlier at 11am as compared to the other shows, which start at 12pm. However, it will end at 9pm, similar to the other shows.

The last IT show in Singapore as of this post date was Comex 2010 which was held on September 2010. Before that, PC Show 2010 held on June 2010. And IT Show 2010 was held on March 2010.

For those who missed out the Comex 2010 deals, fret not. You’ll need to wait for about 3 months though. Till then, save up your money. Great offers await you at Singapore Expo this November 2010 and you’ll soon be enjoying the LED TV, digital camera or external hard disk you are eyeing.

Check back at our blog a week before the event for a sneak peek on some early deals! And don’t forget to visit our Sitex 2010 page for pricelists. You can also download the last Comex 2010 pricelists.

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