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Singapore Web Hosting Industry Gets Shaken By International Competitor

Go DaddyOn September 24 2010, Go Daddy has officially announced that it has extended it’s web hosting to Singapore:

Go Daddy is expanding its global reach with another data center – in Singapore. The highly efficient operation is designed to enable faster services for Go Daddy’s Web hosting and e-mail customers in Asia. The facility accommodates Go Daddy’s rapidly expanding customer base, which already exceeds 8.4 million people worldwide…

For now, you can only sign up for this service by contacting their customer service. But it is only a matter of time before it becomes automated at the main website. UPDATE: You can sign up for their Asia Pacific (AP) plans right now at their website. Make sure you are accessing the site from a Singapore IP address as accessing it from a US IP address triggers a US data center instead.

Go Daddy Singapore Web Hosting Plan

Make sure it says "Fast Asia Pacific-based servers" on the right

Current plans now start at US$3.99 per month with generous resources as compared to the local Singapore web hosting plans. Plus, with Go Daddy’s huge reputation, friendly service and user friendly website, it is a no-brainer why you should go for it for your web hosting needs.

Visit Go Daddy. PR Source: Businesswire.

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