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Singapore’s Youth Olympic Games Budget Exceeds 290 Million

The Temasek Review - The true voice of Singaporeans for Singapore

The Temasek Review - The true voice of Singaporeans for Singapore

It came as a big surprise when I read this blog entry at Temasek Review.

Some quoted facts

…Singapore’s initial budget was only S$109 million dollars compared to Moscow’s S$251 million dollars. However, Singapore has now spent nearly S$400 million dollars or 1.5 times that of Moscow’s initial budget…

…The Ministry of Education bought 80,000 of the 100,000 YOG tickets on sale using taxpayers’ monies, a sign that few Singaporeans are interested enough to watch the event in action….

…In an online poll done on Channel News Asia, 88 percent of the respondents or 5,639 Singaporeans said they are “not interested” in the YOG at all 208 people have not heard about the event…

Read the rest at their blog post. Our two cents

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