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Mio Moov 380 TrafficGEM GPS Weather Traffic

Please note: Comex 2009 has ENDED hence the info in this page may not be accurate. The next IT Show is PC Show 2014.

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Please note: Comex 2009 has ENDED hence the info in this page may not be accurate. The next IT Show is PC Show 2014.


Anonymous Unregistered Anonymous I collected my Mio 380 GPS about one week ago. Was impressed that I could use it immediately by plugging into the car charger. Typed in my destination and started off from AAS back to my office. I tried to follow the voice instructions exactly as directed. Once or twice the instructions were slow and I had to make immediate left /right turns.

Knowing that it was the first time I've ever use or own a GPS, I told myself that I needed time to get use to the device. Half way through the journey, I could recognise the route back to my office but decided that I follow the directions of the GPS. Upon reaching my office, it continued to lead me away from my office but I did not follow the instructions as the road to my office was to turn left but the voice had instructed me to go straight. When I turn left to the road that I had typed in as my destination, the GPS just went "disorientated" and directed me elsewhere. As I did not have the time to follow its wrong directions, I just drove into my office premise while it continued to direct me to turn left and right 500m ahead etc.

After I parked my car, I just turned off the device, at the same time feeling disappointed and a little cheated. First time owned, used a GPS, first journey after collecting the GPS.. lots of questions went through my mind. Are all GPSs like this one? Shouldn't it be the latest software? Why is the GPS not able to recognise the road name when it accepted the destination I typed in before I started on the journey? My problems did not end here...

I use the GPS for every journey I made for the next 7 days even though I knew the routes well. I wanted to know if there are shorter & alternative routes. Few major setbacks of the device:

i.When driving along the expressways, the voice instruction to exit the expressway comes on too slow - this is especially so when you are driving on the right lanes and the voice instruction says "500m keep left". The driver cannot possibly swerve to the left. Giving notice at 500m on the expressways, before an exit, is too short a distance's notice when one is driving at 80-90kph. I had missed a few exits and ended up travelling twice the distance.

ii.Fine, I missed the EXIT, however the GPS continued with it's directions while I was still driving along the expressway, as though I had exited the expressway, for the next 1km or so. Hey, I needed further instructions to the next Exit! and I cannot slow down on the expressway to wait for the GPS to "recalculate".

iii.The GPS led me to KPE tunnel in one of my journeys home. I've never travelled this "new" route, so I listened & followed very carefully. Once inside the tunnel, there was no signal. Ha! Great! It was quiet and the screen indicated my car was located at the beginning of the tunnel. In the tunnel, I drove pass a few exits hoping to reach the end of the tunnel, not know if I have missed my exit. When I reached the end of the tunnel, it took the GPS about half to one minute to "reposition". Of course I cannot stop to wait for further instructions so I continued to drive on. [Well, you know how far you can drive at 70-80kph within half to one minute?] When the GPS voice directions come on, it actually directed me to exit the KPE few metres after the end of the tunnel. Hey, I have drove past that exit. I ended up driving further and further away and this time, the GPS took a long time to "recalculate" the route to bring me back on track.

I think I have said enough. Questions: Are all GPSs same as this one? If not, can someone recommend a better one? Pl share.
posted 11 Nov 2009 - Permanent Link

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